Methodological approach refers to the way a researcher approaches a problem. It’s crucial for research papers, especially those dealing with social issues, to properly explain the methods used to collect and analyze data. In the case of a qualitative approach, the authors collect categorical data from human subjects to investigate patterns, which cannot be achieved through statistical analysis. In other words, qualitative approaches are often more complicated than quantitative research. The proposed methodology should also be appropriate for the problem being investigated.

Despite these considerations, it is important to ensure that the methodology section is well-structured and clearly explains the research design. The methodology section should also provide an argument for the approach used. When writing about a methodological approach, it is vital to include all relevant information and the purpose for using it. This section should be a clear, comprehensive, and convincing argument for the approach adopted. There are some guidelines to follow for the methodology section, though.

In the methodology section, researchers should provide the reader with a clear explanation of how data was collected and analyzed. However, they should not discuss the results of the study. If the study is quantitative, the methodology section should list the steps taken to make sure that the data were accurate and unbiased. Similarly, if the study involves qualitative data, the researchers should mention the software used to analyze data and the statistical tests used. Regardless of the method, the methodology section should describe the criteria that were used to select a method and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.

If a research question is qualitative, the methodology section should be written in the past tense. The researchers should also explain any limitations that the methodology may have. A researcher should state the rationale behind adopting the methodology. If the study involves a survey, then data collected through the questionnaire should be presented in past tense. Otherwise, the researcher should state the methods used in qualitative studies. The purpose of the questionnaire should be clear enough for the readers to follow the findings.

The methodology section of the research paper should not include an explanation of the methods used. Instead, it should focus on the results of the study. The methodology section should be structured in the past tense. For qualitative research, the authors should use the present tense. In addition to using qualitative data, they can include quantitative data in the methodology section. The aim of the paper should be to identify the causes of the problem and determine the corresponding factors.

It is important to mention any limitations in the research. The limitations of the study can either be practical or conceptual. The researcher should state why the method is used. The methodology section should contain an explanation of the data collection procedures. This section should be detailed and make an argument for the methodology. A good example of this is an analysis of data in a study that uses a survey technique. The findings of such a survey can be interpreted in several ways.